Wyświetlanie postów z 2014

Centurio & Kromproom - Darkness on Radio Aspekt!

Lenspro channel presents Nikon D750 vs Canon 5D3

Centurio and Kromproom - Darkness (main title) - Bonus CD Darkness


WANT/ed - (You) Won't Regret [KrompRoom remix]

The new single of WANT/ed including official remix by kromproom is coming!

Blessed Gifts of Techno (second parcel) by Mastakaspa on Mixcloud

EKS-port 100 octane (I love my car)

Kromp Room - Black Import on bandcamp!

22-07-2014, listening monitors from APS. Made in Poland.

30th CyberPunk - Neo-Cyberpunk - Compilado - 1 Electromecanico C by Cyberpunk.Argentina.Netlabel from Buenos Aires

The book called Revolution, Baby! by Dan Davis is coming soon!

EKS-port - Gasoil y Gasolina - Official video

The Science Fiction Novel Called Revolution, Baby! Including 2 CDs! Is Coming!

A new EKS-port video is coming soon!

Annihilating rhythm - Hannan Hashim remix

Track - Technology - Free download on soundcloud!

Download Now Annihilating Rhythm Available Worldwide!

The Novation's Competition!

Original tracks - Free listening on SoundCloud!

Annihilating rhythm on REBEAT Artist Camp Promotion!

Annihilating rhythm - Radio edit _promo

Annihilating rhythm - Remixed by Hannan Hashim - 26.02.2014 available download worldwide!

Annihilating rhythm - Remixed by Vulturius - 26.02.2014 available download worldwide!

Annihilating rhythm - Remixed by Jamick - 26.02.2014 available download worldwide!

The single - Annihilating rhythm - Release date: 26.02.2014!