EKS-port -ABS- Remixes is coming closer!

Artwork by MC Else

On the 1st of July is the day of the release remixed track called 'ABS' from the EKS-port album '7788 kmh'. The release is interesting because of our guests VULTURIUS (Poland) and DUBTRON (India). Jointly with KROMPROOM (Poland) they created three remixes of the track 'ABS' and radio version edited by Kromproom. We want to introduce you ...

KROMPROOM (Krosno Odzańskie, Poland) is living in Czech Republic
EKS-port -ABS (KrompRoomRemix)

Hallo all! I would like to say THANKS FOR Dubtron & Vulturius for your remixes.
Additional I want to invite everyone on the first day of July to listen and download the release EKS-port -ABS- Remixes in digital stores worldwide.

Best greetings for all!


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